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Created by Cristian
On Oct-19-2013
What Therapy Can't Heal
A hairline fracture in his foot makes life miserable for Ramon, until a prayer on TV changes everything....
Created by Cristian
On Oct-22-2011
Diana Anderson. Overcoming Anorexia
She was young and out of control. She says, 'Food was my god. It was an idol. It was all consuming.'...
Created by Cristian
On Sep-15-2011
Melissa Hustead Finds True Love
Molested as a child and thrice divorced, Melissa struggled to understand the meaning of love....
Judy gave so much of her life to the church that Paul felt neglected and moved out. ...
This mom mobilized a massive prayer chain via the internet when her son, Lance Corporal John McClellan was shot for the third time in his young military career. Doctors said he had a five percent chance of living....
Roy Smith grew up without a father, but a business deal gone wrong was about to connect them....




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