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They were the king and queen of the court. Former college basketball stars Ronnie McAdoo and Janet Davis ruled the hoops. They both went pro, but once they married, life off the court became a battle....
Created by Cristian
On Oct-05-2013
Becoming A Mighty Man Of God
Jon's deep-rooted porn addiction can only be undone by God's power and grace....
Two and a half year old Alex was beaten so severely by his mother and her boyfriend that doctors said there was little hope of survival. Alex's grandparents are Christians and refused to give up. He had a miraculous journey back to complete health....
Created by Cristian
On Oct-25-2011
Word of Knowledge: Douglas Hilton
Chris suffered from constant burning in her face with sensitivity to light for 15 years, when a woman touched her face and prayed for a miracle....
Created by Cristian
On Nov-01-2011
A Big Miracle for a Little Boy
Demons are real. A demon living inside this woman speaks out and says she is his wife. She is delivered and set free in T.B. Joshua's church, Lagos, Nigeria...
Created by Cristian
On Aug-23-2013
Searching For A Father's Love
Laura believes growing up with divorced parents caused her to fill the void created by her father's absence with unhealthy male relationships....




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