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Created by Cristian
On Jul-08-2013
I Was My Own God
Ben's confusion about religion had him believing he was a god, but a spiritual encounter with evil made him call out to Jesus....
Robia LaMorte had entered her dream life -- performing in music videos and landing acting roles in Hollywood dancing in music videos, for Prince and with rolls on shows like 90210. Money was flowing, but her heart searched for something deeper. See h...
Created by Cristian
On Nov-03-2011
Miracles Still Happen Today!
A simply amazing miracle! T.B. Joshua prays for a man with a horriffic leg ulcer. After prayer, he comes back with a truly remarkable testimony. This can only be God!...
Kim found it difficult to swallow and knew there was something blocking her throat, but she couldn't afford the medical costs. She was watching The 700 Club just a week later when Terry had a word of knowledge about a lump in the throat....
We've all seen women like this young woman. Out there on the streets doing her thing. But did we know that something as simple to give as a smile could change someone's entire life around and bring them to Jesus Christ? Imagine what he could do thro...
Since early childhood, Marie Notcheva was obsessed with keeping her weight in check. This led to a 10 year struggle with bulimia that put her life in the balance....
Created by Cristian
On Nov-20-2011
Forgiveness After Abuse
Luann lost respect for the church at age 13 after her youth pastor molested her. Today she's a well known Christian speaker. See her story of forgiveness, and how God healed her....
Audra endured childhood abuse and grew to hate being a girl. When she turned to other women to find love and acceptance, one special woman’s kind gesture instead showed her the love of God....




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