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Created by Cristian
On May-20-2013
Josiah Lamb: Hearing God's Voice
A 12-year-old boy survived a tragic jet ski accident and was miraculously saved by doing what the Lord told him to do....
Benny Hinn Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade Caracas Venezuela February 2009 (2nd night)...
Created by Cristian
On Oct-22-2011
Bridget Coates. The Princess Within
She was one of over 11 children, raised in the projects and abused by relatives. No one thought Bridget Coates would amount to anything. Then one day she learned she was a daughter of the King, and everything changed. ...
Santeria Priest Finds God In Prison...
Jennavave is a designer, former model, and major catalyst for redefining beauty in the fashion industry. She says she'd never be where she is today, if she hadn't run back home to Christ. ...
Polly had a twisted view of love after a childhood of sexual traumas. She floundered for years, eventually getting married, but still carrying the scars of an abused little girl....
Created by Cristian
On Jan-25-2012
Randy Hicks: Hell and Back
A former drug dealer, addict and felon overdosed and was pronounced dead. Today, he's an evangelist changing lives with his story....
Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma Sooners' defensive tackle, was dealt a serious blow when his mother unexpectedly died of brain aneurisms after his freshman year at Oklahoma. He shares the conversation he had with God a week after her death....




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