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Created by Cristian
On Feb-20-2011
Delivered From Digestive Disorder
Christopher spent the first 16 years of his life with a paralyzed colon and intestine until a prayer meeting led to a miraculous healing....
Created by Cristian
On Nov-20-2011
Saved from Suicide
Lynne Arterbury believed she was fatally flawed. After several failed marriages, she decided to take her life. See how Jesus saved her from a life of depression and drug addiction....
Created by Cristian
On Nov-01-2011
Finding Work in Hard Times
In a tough economy, even hard workers like Ron Asseltyne can find themselves unemployed. Learn how Ron kept the paychecks coming. His strategy can work for you too! ...
Created by Cristian
On Feb-15-2011
Forgiving Your Son's Killer
For years after Mary's son was murdered she struggled to completely forgive his murderer...
Rapper Lecrae shares his testimony about being raised in the streets and finding Christ....
Created by Cristian
On Oct-13-2011
Damaged Goods. Charlotte Hunt
Charlotte Hunt was raised to achieve, but abuse at the hand of family members shattered her self-image and led to seven suicide attempts....
Created by Cristian
On Feb-17-2011
TB Joshua in Australia




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