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Cindy found an investment strategy that paid huge returns with no chance of losing. See if her investment plan will work for you. ...
Created by Cristian
On Oct-13-2011
Damaged Goods. Charlotte Hunt
Charlotte Hunt was raised to achieve, but abuse at the hand of family members shattered her self-image and led to seven suicide attempts....
Disagreements about family finances and tithing almost eroded this marriage to the point of separation. ...
Katherine felt the pain of the 2007 housing market crash first hand. When her income was cut in half, it was credit cards that kept food on the table. Then she made a tough decision that brought her back on top. Learn what it was. ...
Created by Cristian
On Oct-09-2014
Cell Mates With Jesus
Drugs, violence and prison were the sum total of John’s existence until one stay behind bars facilitated a life-changing encounter....
Created by Cristian
On Nov-03-2011
Miracles Still Happen Today!
A simply amazing miracle! T.B. Joshua prays for a man with a horriffic leg ulcer. After prayer, he comes back with a truly remarkable testimony. This can only be God!...
Rocco Morelli lived a dual life: politician by day and mafia prince by night. Find out how he got caught red-handed in the most unsuspecting of places. ...
Between Dave and Sandy, they lost close to 200 pounds. Discover their secret and get your weight loss plan back on track. ...




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