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7 testimonies found related to employment
Created by Cristian
On May-21-2014
Employment testimonial
When Your Finances Exceed Your Wildest Dreams
Jeff built a successful house-flipping business. But when the housing market crashed, he lost over 100 thousand dollars on one house. Jeff made a crucial change in his life that made his business exce...

Created by Cristian
On Jan-18-2013
Employment testimonial
When It Makes Sense to Try the Impossible Dale's real estate job crashed with the economy

Created by Cristian
On May-21-2013
Employment testimonial
Wall Street Whiz Pays Back Tithe
When financial specialist Ed Choong couldn't land a good job, he picked up a Bible to find the answer....

Created by Cristian
On Jan-01-2013
Employment testimonial
Moving in Faith

Created by Cristian
On Feb-26-2011
Employment testimonial
Testimonio en la Senda Antigua

Created by Cristian
On Mar-31-2012
Employment testimonial
Testimonio de Aumento Salarial

Created by Cristian
On Feb-02-2011
Employment testimonial
Casos Reales. Samuel Quintero (Sobre como Dios bendice en la vida y en el trabajo)

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Growing up on a Navajo Indian reservation exposed Wil to ancient traditions and alcoholism which set him on the path to an empty life....
Created by Cristian
On Oct-28-2011
John Lyons: Faith of a Horseman
As one of the most trusted horsemen in America, John uses his platform to tell others about Jesus. ...
When the recession hit, Steve and Cindy McLean exhausted all of their financial reserves to stay afloat, but they never stopped tithing....
On the outside, they had everything ... the house, great jobs, and a promising future but on the inside everything was falling apart....
Despite a grim diagnosis and horrible pain, Nancy Keating has ranked in the top five of the USA Track and Field Masters for women ages 45-49....
Created by Cristian
On Nov-01-2011
From Darkness to The Light
As an adult, Laura Adams struggled to break free of the spiritual bondage that plagued her since childhood because of her mother's interest and immersion in the occult. ...
To everyone, she was perfect. However, underneath it all lied dark secrets. Tim Branson brings us the real Sylvia Lange that alcohol couldn't hide. ...
Interest in the ouija board drew Dean Ogden into the paranormal, but he had no idea what he was up against....




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