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4 testimonies found related to employment
Created by Cristian
On Aug-20-2011
Employment testimonial
Testimonio prosperidad financiera en una joven pareja

Created by Cristian
On Feb-26-2011
Employment testimonial
Testimonio en la Senda Antigua

Created by Cristian
On Mar-31-2012
Employment testimonial
Testimonio de Aumento Salarial

Created by Cristian
On Feb-02-2011
Employment testimonial
Casos Reales. Samuel Quintero (Sobre como Dios bendice en la vida y en el trabajo)

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Created by Cristian
On Nov-20-2011
A Miracle Healing
Eight-year-old Andrew Franklin had a stroke on the left side of his brain. Doctors doubted much of a recovery. See how Jesus changed his situation. ...
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Created by Cristian
On Feb-15-2011
Forgiving Your Son's Killer
For years after Mary's son was murdered she struggled to completely forgive his murderer...
Christian struggled for a reason to go on in the years following his father's suicide....




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