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4 testimonies found related to A Near Death Experience Leads to God -- Testimony --
Created by Cristian
On Oct-27-2011
Conversion testimony
Paul Janssen: Near Death and Nearer to God
He came to Christ after a car accident changed his life. See his amazing testimony of God's restoration power. ...

Created by Cristian
On Jan-25-2013
Conversion testimony
Man Sees Satan In Hell After He Died Of A Drug Overdose! ( Near Death Experience )

Created by Cristian
On Jan-25-2013
Conversion testimony
Lawyer Flabberghasted After Undergoing A Near Death Experience! .

Created by Cristian
On Nov-20-2011
Healing testimony
A Near Death Experience Leads to God -- Testimony --
After being caught in the crossfire of a gunfight, a man has a life changing experience. Following a miraculous recovery, Matthew knew that God had a plan for him....

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At age sixteen Darlene left home. She turned to drugs and became a prostitute. While watching television one night, she came across the 700 Club and called to ask for prayer....
He knew he was gay from a young age, and soon began sleeping with men for money. However, God had a different plan for Nathanael Flock....
A woman quietly sits in the church service with her child - until the Holy Spirit exposes her and the demon living inside her manifests. She is then completely delivered in Jesus' name! With Russian voice over. ...
Created by Cristian
On May-20-2013
Prayer Awakens Man from Coma
On his way to a Redskins football game, Jack was in a terrible car accident that put him in a coma. Family and friends did the only thing they could, pray for a miracle...
Read the dramatic two-part series on Immaculee, a simple woman who survived the horror of the Rwanda genocide....
Created by Cristian
On Feb-16-2012
One Cubed - My World - Yinka
She tested positive for HIV, but little did this Nigerian know that her life was just beginning....
Who gets a financial blessing then gives it away? The Goodes did, and what seemed like a crazy idea ended up being more than they bargained for....
As a school custodian, Sena was always on her feet. One day she was picking up trash from the playground when she slipped and fell – landing hard on her right shoulder and knee....
Created by Cristian
On Oct-26-2011
Ludmila: Suffering in Silence
This Ukrainian woman lived in pain for almost four decades without any hope of help....




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